Tahiti is the vibrant heart of French Polynesia, with bustling markets, stunning waterfalls and fascinating history. Tahiti is a captivating blend of natural beauty and a rich cultural and historical heritage.

Accessible to everyone and at any age, diving in Tahiti opens the doors to French Polynesia in an underwater version: turtles, sharks and rays are waiting for you!

Vast lagoon with azure colors, vertiginous drop offs, submerged springs and mythical wrecks complete the postcard of your dives in Tahiti whether you are a seasoned diver or a beginner.

Partner centers


A small structure offering activities related to the discovery of underwater fauna in a preserved area of Tahiti.


The Scubatek diving club will make you share and discover the passion for scuba diving.


The historic diving center of the Tahiti peninsula, will immerse you in an enchanting setting.

Diving spots

Dive in the most beautiful spots of Tahiti, thanks to the Te Moana Pass partner centers.

Seaplane & Shooner

One of the only wreck dive in Polynesia. You'll go explore the Catalina PBY-5A wreck, which is now lying on a 20 meters depth bottom. A few meters from there, you'll discover the Orohena wreck, a woodeen 45 meter long schooner, on a 20 to 25 meter bottom depth, which offers a great shelter to a rich marine life.

Mont Turbinaria

A beautiful coral formation, in the lagoon, very impressive by its size and depth since it goes down to more than 25m and allows multilevel dives. The dive consists of a loop in a forest of turbinaria, these large cone-shaped coral scattered on the slops. From level 1


A vertiginous drop off, very vertical and endless, full of life: nurse sharks, white tip lagoon sharks, coral, soldier fish, green and hawksbill turtles, sea slugs... From level 1

White Valley

A very popular dive site because of it's great fauna (grey sharks, maori snappers, lemon sharks, schools of jacks, black tip reef sharks, schools of barracudas, eagle rays...). A stoned Tiki dedicated to Dominique Fleurisson (a great technical diving instructor) is watching over the dive site. A few tiger sharks can sometimes be spotted around the site. To do preferably in the morning.

Underwater Spring

Some say that this is the most beautiful dive site on Tahiti's west coast: Coral reefs, turtles, chevron barracudas, eagle rays, white tip reef sharks, humphead moari wrasse and an underwater spring will make you impatient to jump in the water ! You'll also be able to observe all the surfers riding the wave of Sapinus, next to the dive site.

La gauche d'Apatea

A vertiginous drop off with a white sandy bottom at the end of the dive in Apatea Bay. Numerous schools of saupe or paddle perch are present, as well as numerous turtles. From level 1

Fausse passe de Paea

A drift dive that takes place in calm sea conditions. The dive starts in the lagoon, the current leads us to a nice channel where many leopard rays often swim against the current. The dive ends on a very nice drop off, arched in some places. It is possible to meet turtles and white tip sharks. From level 1 with experience

Dortoir aux tortues

An exceptional and superlative site, in Papara. The drop-off is vertiginous, all in relief and in convolutions. The coral is in very good health, including on the flat. A rich and varied fauna is present. As well as a multitude of green turtles, which find refuge in numerous cavities. From level 1

La voûte

A magnificent drop off, which extends to a depth of 30 meters with a large arch full of hiding places sheltered from the light. From level 1