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Eleuthera Tahiti Diving Center

Discover the most beautiful dives in Tahiti with Eleuthera: turtles, sharks, wrecks, drop-offs, underwater spring, drift diving...

In a warm and friendly atmosphere, Eleuthera Tahiti welcomes beginners and experienced divers for over 25 years:

• Open 7 days a week.
• 3 to 4 dives a day.
• Diving sites accessible to all diving levels.
• Solo divers, group or family warmely welcomed.

• Nitrox for free (possibility of training during your dives).

• Conviviality area: free WiFi access, fresh filtered water, tea, espresso coffee, chocolate, etc.
• Shop for accessories and diving souvenirs.

• Free pick-up/drop-off service according to place of accommodation (contact us).

• Service+: We ensure your reservations free of charge with all Te Moana partner centers.

Pictures by: Frédérique Legrand, Marie-Charlotte Ropert, ScubaEyes

Diving spots

Eleuthera Tahiti Diving Center offers you the opportunity to dive in the most beautiful spots of Tahiti.

Seaplane & Shooner

One of the only wreck dive in Polynesia. You'll go explore the Catalina PBY-5A wreck, which is now lying on a 20 meters depth bottom. A few meters from there, you'll discover the Orohena wreck, a woodeen 45 meter long schooner, on a 20 to 25 meter bottom depth, which offers a great shelter to a rich marine life.

Underwater Spring

Some say that this is the most beautiful dive site on Tahiti's west coast: Coral reefs, turtles, chevron barracudas, eagle rays, white tip reef sharks, humphead moari wrasse and an underwater spring will make you impatient to jump in the water ! You'll also be able to observe all the surfers riding the wave of Sapinus, next to the dive site.

White Valley

A very popular dive site because of it's great fauna (grey sharks, maori snappers, lemon sharks, schools of jacks, black tip reef sharks, schools of barracudas, eagle rays...). A stoned Tiki dedicated to Dominique Fleurisson (a great technical diving instructor) is watching over the dive site. To do preferably in the morning.
Logo Eleuthera Tahiti Diving Center

Eleuthera Tahiti Diving Center