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In the heart of French Polynesia, between Bora Bora and Huahine, 120 km from Tahiti, two islands which are still preserved from mass tourism share the same lagoon: Raiatea The Sacred Island and Tahaa The Vanilla Island.
Two boats designed for diving: comfortable, practical and fast. Everything has been done for your pleasure.

Pictures by: Hemisphere Sub

Diving spots

Hémisphère Sub offers you the opportunity to dive in the most beautiful spots of Raiatea & Tahaa.

Teavapiti pass

Across this pass always packed with fish, divers can observe blacktip, silvertip and grey reef sharks, spotted eagle rays, schools of bluefin jacks, kingfishes, barracudas. humohead wrasses. and sometimes tunas or manta ravs. Al level depth from O to 89ft.


Visit the wreck of this impressive 200ft three masted vessel sunk on the 22nd of august 1900. Populated by surgeon fish, pennant coral fish, devil fish, stone fish, bighead jacks, angel fish, shrimps, black coral, giant clams, colorful sponge and plenty of nudibranchs, with 15 sub-species listed to this day. All level dive, depth from O to 90ft. Don't miss the night dive !

Miri Miri

Limpid water and a high fish density, this site is a treat ! All through the dive, vou wIll be escorted ov black sharks. numneac wrasses. schools or snappers, Heller's barracudas... A dive for all levels, maximum depth 83ft.

Céran pass

A spectacularv rich pass. due to continuous current flows. An amazing profusion of fish, schools of barracudas, surgeonfishes, bluefin and golden jacks, not to mention rays, sharks, humphead wrasses haunting a stunning rocky peak covered with yellow coral. From level 2, depth from 106 to 152 ft.
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