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More than a dive center, we are here to make your dreams come true,
It is with great pleasure that we will welcome you to our renowned friendly and professional centre.

Tu Heiava, the only pass of TIKEHAU is a magical place, dives adapted to all levels.

it is therefore ideal for exploration dives, the first diving experiences but also for snorkeling that will remain in your memories.
Several other dive sites are to be discovered or rediscovered

The Tikehau Diving team will make you discover the richness of the seabed of a charming atoll. Dive into the most fish-rich atoll in the world according to Cousteau and take your best photos on the Manta ray site, accessible from baptism.

Don't miss a Sunset dive to observe the behavior of the fauna, which is more active than in the morning, as it seeks to feed.

Book your aquatic activity now to discover the magic of the Tikehau seabed.

Diving spots

Tikehau Diving offers you the opportunity to dive in the most beautiful spots of Tikehau.


Departure from a plantier on coral reef in 5 to 15m of water, leading to a gently sloping ocean drop-off, along the reef we enter the pass through the angle of it shoal of fish of all kinds (big eye redfish, paddle perch, big eye carnage, white tip reef shark, turtle, napoleon)
Logo Tikehau Diving

Tikehau Diving