Logo Bora Diving Center (by Eleuthera)

Bora Diving Center (by Eleuthera)

Every day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, come and discover the wonderful underwater world of Bora Bora with Bora Diving Center (by Eleuthera)!
In the morning, certified divers, as well as divers who have already participated in the baptism, will be able to enjoy a full morning with 2 different dives.
In the afternoon, beginners, divers in training but also certified divers will be welcome for a dive!

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Diving spots

Bora Diving Center (by Eleuthera) offers you the opportunity to dive in the most beautiful spots of Bora Bora.


This dive site is probably Bora Bora's most popular with all the majestic manta rays ! The shallow plate of coral will be perfect to start your dive. Then, a wonderful drop-off will give you a large diversity of coral, and a true manta rays ballets


The dive starts in a superb, shallow coral garden, runned alongside by a coral drop-off. At the bottom of the drop-off, you'll find a large sand path where schools of eagle rays are very frequently seen. Go discover the beautiful coral garden, clown fish and rays!

Tapu Nui

Located about 1 kilometer from the pass, this dive site is probably the one with the most abundance of sharks. The luckiest divers may come across one or more lemon sharks.
Logo Bora Diving Center (by Eleuthera)

Bora Diving Center (by Eleuthera)